LUMEN s.r.o. is founded in České Budějovice by two associates – Stanislav Gorčica and Bohuslav Dichtl


Electrical installation projects are implemented within the district of České Budějovice, South Bohemia Region


LUMEN s.r.o. is transformed into the joint stock company LUMEN a.s.


Entry to Slovak market and foundation of LUMEN SR s.r.o.


The drafting department separates from LUMEN a.s. and the subsidiary EI-PROJEKT s.r.o., specialising in ELECTRO drafting is founded.

LUMEN begins to expand and strengthens its position in the South Bohemian Region by co-founding the perspective electro-assembly company ELTA s.r.o. based in Tábor.


Polish market entry and foundation of LUMEN Polska Sp.z.o.o. Difficult start in the complicated Polish business environment. Tremendous work carried out at the beginning by project managers, technicians as well as the economists and accountants from LUMEN a.s and LUMEN SR.


The 1999 – 2002 period is very successful for LUMEN CZ, LUMEN SR AND LUMEN PL and a successful continuation of the previous "Czech" period.


LUMEN customers and the market move to the Balkans. LUMEN is challenged to follow other strong companies which during this period expanded into Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia.


Foundation of the holding company LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. The main task of the company is to manage and coordinate companies in the LUMEN Group, to plan further development, manage finances and prepare development projects. From current perspective, LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. makes a bold decision and establishes subsidiaries in Romania, Bulgaria and Croatia:

      - LUMEN Romania SRL

      - LUMEN Bulgaria EOOD

      - LUMEN Elektromontaža d.o.o


There is a gap in the market and the current ASSEMBLY - SERVICE segment needs to be complemented with a POWER SUPPLY sector.  This leads to the establishment of LUMEN ENERGY a.s. (CZ) and LUMEN ENERGY SRa.s. Within four years, LUMEN ENERGY becomes a significant competitor in energy and gas supplies to strong companies including ČEZ, E.ON, PRE and others.


A period where LUMEN focuses on the Balkans and dispatches its best people including project-managers, technicians etc. to aid these countries; the electro assembly markets in CZ and SK begin to experience shocks. One of the strongest electro-assembly companies goes bankrupt followed by some medium-sized electrical engineering companies. Suppliers and banks immediately respond and tighten the conditions for supply, payment terms and arrangements etc.


Despite the difficult conditions, the group continues to grow. Customers prefer our after service; LUMEN builds on its history and focuses on individual services, within the subsidiaries or by providing services separated from LUMEN assembly. In 2006, the SERVICE division separates from LUMEN a.s. and LUMEN SERVIS CZ a.s. is created.


Other companies of the LUMEN group in foreign countries successfully continue their growth.


LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. enters into proportionate ownership of the German company NOVALUX GmbH, an exclusive holder of the know-how for a range of lighting with a special operation system. This system can save the customer up to 36 - 40% of electricity!


In 2008, LUMEN INTERNATIONAL buys the licence for the operation of specific services in the Czech and Slovak Republics from the American company TEGG. The TEGG predictive maintenance system becomes one of the functioning modules used by the existing Central service desk operated by LUMEN.


Due to the recession in the construction industry caused by the global economic crisis, LUMEN begins to direct its operations on the current market demand and sets up a new subsidiary LUMEN ENERGETICKÝ DEVELOPMENT s.r.o., which in cooperation with other subsidiaries develops and operates photovoltaic power plants and local distribution networks. Within the first few months of its existence, LUMEN ENERGETICKÝ DEVELOPMENT s.r.o. becomes the TOP company in the implementation of photovoltaic power plants in CZ and plans development projects in Slovakia and Poland.


The boom of solar energy in the Czech Republic helped the LUMEN group to avoid decline in turnover due to decrease in construction industry caused by the economic recession. The LUMEN group was originally focused on electro-assembly activities and electricity trading. Its conduct of business was primarily connected to investments into large industrial parks and business centres, which were the segments that had been most affected by the crisis. This unmistakeable candidate on decline managed to increase the turnover by two billion to 3.7 billion CZK and LUMEN continues its growth also in 2010. The foresight of the owners of the LUMEN group paid out. In 2007, they were already preparing a project regarding the renewable sources. The company at first offer the solar panels to its traditional clients – owners of shopping centres and industrial parks. Afterwards, the company started to build solar power plants also for other customers and for its own account. The company became the largest Czech builder of solar power plants, it constructs also for ČEZ and other investors.

Solar power plants are constructed also in Slovakia, projects are in preparation in Poland and Bulgaria.


At the turn of 2010/2011 energetic group E.ON enters three companies of the LUMEN INTERNATIONAL group. Both groups intensify their mutual cooperation in the field of energetic and network services.


The company E.ON Česká republika, s.r.o. joined the company LUMEN SYNERGY s.r.o. with 34% share, until this moment LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. was the 100% owner of LUMEN SYNERGY s.r.o. The company LUMEN SYNERGY s.r.o. specializes in electro-assembly activities, service, special technologies, energy-saving systems and electro-drafting within the Czech Republic.


E.ON Trend s.r.o. gained 34% share in LUMEN DISTRIBUČNÍ SOUSTAVY s.r.o. from companies LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. and POTYLA s.r.o. The company LUMEN DISTRIBUČNÍ SOUSTAVY s.r.o. specializes in investments into local distribution networks and their operation, and also provides local distribution of electric energy. 


E.ON Energie, a.s. acquired stocks representing 40% participation on registered capital of the company LUMEN ENERGY a.s., the other stockholders are companies LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. and Barlog Capital a.s. The company LUMEN ENERGY a.s. belongs to 5 biggest alternative businesses with electric energy and natural gas in the Czech Republic. It specializes in energy supplies to big customers, small and medium enterprises and households. The company also trades in natural gas and since 1. 9. 2010 supplies natural gas also to smaller customers and households.



During the recession in the construction industry, LUMEN INTERNATIONAL group focuses on development and offer of energy saving technologies (heat pumps, efficient lighting, public lighting, TEGG predictive service system, Central Service Desk, etc.) aiming to provide services also to customers of E.ON group.


Energy-saving technologies are also promoted by subsidiaries in Poland and Slovakia.



At the turn of 2012/2013 LUMEN a.s., under the management of the General Manager of LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s., Mgr. Stanislav Gorčica, initiates the “Change project” that will achieve economic and operation changes through interconnected system related measures taken by the company.


The companies of the LUMEN group in Czech Republic and abroad active in following areas:


  • Building and industrial electro-assembly (high/low voltage, low current), manufacture of distributors
  • Technological electro-assembly incl. technological products (CSD, street lighting, energy-saving lathing, heat pumps, TEGG)
  • Operation and management of renewable energy sources and customer’s compounds
  • Realization of photovoltaic power plants
  • Services for customers
  • Building and operation of local distribution networks.


Company LUMEN Holding a.s. is established as successor company in the process of spin-off of LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s.
Company LUMEN Holding a.s. integrates electro-assembly and service subsidiary companies in the Czech Republic and bulding, operation and service of local distribution networks.

Company LUMEN INTERNATIONAL a.s. manages electro-assembly and service subsidiary companies abroad and building, operation and service of renewable sources in the Czech Republic.


Company E.ON Energie, a.s. acquires hundred percent share in company Lumen Energy a.s.

Company E.ON Energie, a.s. that till now owned 40% share on capital of Lumen Energy a.s., gains the remaining 60% from previous shareholders, companies LUMEN Holding a.s. and Barlog Capital a.s. Company Lumen Energy a.s. is one of the top alternative sellers of electric energy and gas in the Czech Republic. The company specializes on electric energy supplies to bulk customers, small and medium enterprises and households. The company also trades in natural gas.

According to the Chairman of the Board of LUMEN Holding a.s., the sale of the shares of Lumen Energy a.s. has been a long-term intention that should have been realized before 2015. The abandonment of energetic area will enable the LUMEN group to focus on its current goal that includes broadening its activities by energy saving technologies and local alternative energy sources.